The Bible Challenge


Can you honestly say you’ve read the entire New Testament?  Not many of us can.  And even fewer can say it was a rewarding experience. 


Join Bishop Waldo, Jenny+ and Pat+, and the people of Incarnation as we take the challenge to read the entire New Testament together in one year.  The challenge begins September 8, 2014, and lasts for an entire year.  You’re welcome to join us at any time. 


Our goal will be to hear God speak to us in the scriptures, to encounter the living God each day.  So in addition to the scripture readings, we’ll read from N.T. Wright’s For Everyone series of commentaries.  And each Sunday morning we’ll gather at 9:30 AM to discuss that week’s readings and to get ready for the week to come.






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Want to join the Challenge?  Sign up with Rev Jenny.  And help yourself to the following resources:


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