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We’re so glad you decided to worship with us!  To join the online experience, go to Episcopal Church of the Incarnation’s Facebook page:



Scroll down until you find the live event for the service you want, and click on it. 




Palm Sunday


When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, the people threw cloaks and branches of palm in the road before him.  They used palm branches because that was what was there.  So for these services, grab whatever branches you can find in your yard and join us. 


The services will follow what’s in these booklets:

                  8:30 Service Booklet

                  10:30 Service Booklet 


Do your little ones miss the Children’s Bulletins?  Click and print them here:

           Ages 3-6

                  Ages 7 and up


Use the comments section of the event to let everyone know you’re there - it makes us all feel like we’re worshipping together.  And, of course, add your prayer concerns as well.




Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday


We’ll mark these days with Morning Prayer at 8:00 and Evening Prayer at 5:00.  Follow these services here.




Maundy Thursday


This is the day we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples and his giving the command to love one another.  Our services will be:


8:00 am - Morning Prayer

Follow the service here.


5:00 pm - Handwashing and Stripping of the Altar

I pray by now you’ve set up a Sacred Space in your home in which to mark Holy Week and Easter.  There’s a video about doing so here on our Facebook Page.


Gather at your Sacred Space.  Bring with you a bowl of water.  Tune in on Facebook Live and join us for the service.  Follow along in the booklet here.


Want Children’s Bulletins?  Here you go:

Ages 3-6

Ages 7 and up




Good Friday


Today we remember the day of Jesus’ suffering and death.  We’ll have two services this day:



8:00 am - Good Friday Liturgy. 

If you like, bring with you a small cross you can hold as we worship.  Tune in on Facebook Live and follow the servicein the booklet  here.

Get your Children’s Bulletins:

Ages 3-6

Ages 7 and up



5:00 pm - Stations of the Cross

If you like, gather a nail to hold during the service.  Tune in on Facebook Live and follow the service in the booklet here.

Get your Children’s Bulletins:

Ages 3-6

Ages 7 and up




Holy Week at Incarnation